Monday, July 2, 2012

Peplum Princess!!

dress and shoes: Zara

Let fashion flirt for you in this season’s peplum skirts, dresses and tops. The sassy silhouette is back in the spotlight and the extra dimension adds a little flair and drama to otherwise simple, classic styles. If you love this glamorous aesthetic as much as me take inspiration from the catwalk (look to Jason WuRodarte and Cushnie et Ochs) and get all frilled-up! It is already a must-have shape for stylish red-carpet regulars; A-listers such a Jenifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively have donned this trend and enhanced their already to die for bods. The range of choices available means that you're sure to find something that works with both your body and your budget and then you too can do like JenAn and indulge in this playful and flattering adornment. Elegant and feminine, peplum is the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your routine wear!


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  7. I'm getting on the peplum train too. They are super flattering.
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